Select Page is a division of Viven Health.

Our Mission is to provide a healthy environment for your university.  A place where disease prevention is common practice, and your faculty, staff and students feel confident in the health and safety of your university.

Viven Health has assembled a team of international experts in infection prevention.

Our advisory board consists of some of the best known and respected nurses and physicians in the US.

Between our advisors, they have written hundreds of papers and books and lectured both nationally and internationally on infection prevention, antibiotic resistance and sepsis.

Our Founder


Founder of, a division of VIVEN HEALTH

  • Author of five books and more than 100 scientific papers.
  • 34 years at BJC as Research Scientist & APN.
  • 1999 Presidential Citation by the Society of Critical Care Medicine.
  • 2004 inducted into the American Academy of Nursing.
  • His book “Essentials of Oxygenation” was an American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year.
  • Awarded the “Flame of Excellence” award from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses for sustained and influential work in critical care.


Medical Professionals

The Healthy Universitiy Program was created by nationally and internationally recognized medical professionals and infectious disease experts.


Behavioral Change

In order to prevent infectious disease, it’s critical that new behaviors be adopted now and applied long term.  Our program uses technology specifically designed to encourage to behavior change.


Easy, Cost-Effective, and Scalable

Our Solution is easy, efficient and cost-effective to implement across thousands of faculty, staff and students.


Evidence & Science Based

The Healthy University Program incorporates evidence & information from scientific methods and well designed studies.

A Healthy University is Our Mission

Due to the current times, we are experiencing a very high demand for our infectious disease prevention program.  contacting us ASAP will be important to determine how soon we can be of service to you.